meet kristi

I’m an adventurer of life, believer in love and all of the amazingly good stuff in between, a dog mom of 4, Auntie to 3 and Wife to one amazing guy! Most days you can find me working from my laptop with my sweet fur kids snuggled up beside me, make-up free, glasses on, with a cup of coffee in my hand. I’m a crier, a hugger and a big time laugh out louder. I love what I do and pour my heart and soul into it every single day. I want to get to know the heart of you and capture all the realness that comes with it, what makes your story unique, your world go round and your heart swoon. This is why I do what I do. I believe every person, every couple, and every family is unique and extraordinary. We all have a story to tell, a moment that speaks to our heart. I want to get to the core of what this is for you and capture that memory for you to relive for so many years to come. I want to celebrate life and your beautiful story with YOU!

Photography is what I love, it’s what I breathe and it’s who I am. I started photographing people when I was 15 years old at a small studio in Minnesota. I realized I really loved it, so after high school I packed up my life and headed to Santa Barbara, CA where I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography. I fell in love with fashion photography and spent most of my days photographing in the most beautiful places, with an amazing crew. I thought this was what I wanted to do with my career, so my last semester of college I moved to NYC where I interned for Mark Seliger, a well known celebrity photographer. This is where I got a real feel for the business and all that went with it. I fell in love with the city and it’s energy (how could you not?) and spent another 18 months on the east coast before choosing to move back home to Minnesota. Yes I loved fashion (and I still do!), but I realized my love for beauty was actually in the people themselves. I love real couples, real families and real moments. The realness of every day makes my world go round.

I love all things travel, sharing a cup of coffee with my love, toasting new clients over a glass of wine or craft beer, weeknight bike rides, picnics, Sunday mornings and moments with friends that lead to uncontrollable laughter.

my family

I absolutely adore my sweet family, the chaos and all. When I met my husband we both had 2 dogs, which means yes, now we have four. There is rarely a dull moment around our house. Pretty much everyone who knew us thought we were crazy (or downright insane) to think we could make this blend of different breeds, personalities, backgrounds, and behavioral issues live under one roof, and many days it was hard to argue. Somehow we have managed to make it all work quite well, but it wasn’t without it’s struggles. Life can be chaotic at times, but it’s filled with so much laughter, love and a lot of puppy snuggles.

We have a beautiful blend of 2 pasts into one amazing family. We spend as much time with our fur kids as we can, and we love them all very much. DJ aka “The Doodle” is our 72 pound lap dog and also the most vocal and loving of the bunch (literally obsessed with love from anyone.) His motto in life is more is more. Jerico is the sweetest cool dude who can jump nearly as high as a door frame when he wishes to go outside. He’s also the smartest of the pack. Bear is our anxious yet very sweet German Shepherd. She is THE most stubborn being I have ever met.  And then there is Roo, she’s the baby of the bunch, and the smallest, but she’s also the naughty one. All 4 are rescues and came to us in their own unique way with a past, a name and a story.

Many of our days off consist of long walks, trips to the park and family couch time where Ryan and I are lucky if we get a cushion.

  • fun facts about Ryan

    Ryan is a serious music nerd. He has played 4 different instruments, was DJing when he was still in high school, and would welcome any 90’s music trivia challenge. Ryan is also a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, loves yoga, and is never without a random movie reference.

  • fun facts about Jerico

    Jerico is the absolute sweetest boy. He loves to snuggle, run, bark and herd. He enjoys his long naps in bed, jumping over the other 3 when it’s time to go for a walk and going for runs with mom. Jerico also loves that he is the smartest and quickest of the bunch and uses this to his advantage

  • fun facts about DJ

    DJ aka The Doodle is our 72 pound lapdog who will cuddle with anything, literally. He enjoys attention (the more the merrier), snuggling, and counter surfing. DJ also loves long walks, meeting new people, playing with his bff Briggs and ice cubes.

  • fun facts about Bear

    Bear aka Bubbaloo is in charge of residential security and takes her job very seriously. She enjoys spending her days off running in a field with her favorite stick, chasing her ball, and taking long naps. Bear also loves belly rubs, peanut butter and Animal Planet.

  • fun facts about Roo

    Roo is the little sister of the bunch. She may be the smallest, but she is also the biggest trouble maker. Roo likes to play with her rope toys and tennis balls. She’s very cuddly, and will never pass up the chance to snuggle up in a blanket next to the fireplace. Her favorite movie is Toy Story.


What makes my heart swoon:

all the amazingly good stuff in between