March 24, 2016

Adventuring through the Southwest Part 2

Lower Antelope Canyon and Horshoe Bend, Arizona

After spending a couple of days in Zion Nation Park and the morning hiking Angels Landing (you can read more on that adventure here) we were off to Page, Arizona for the afternoon! We only had a few hours here so we needed to make the best of our time. We set our sights on Lower Antelope Canyon in the afternoon followed by an evening sunset at Horseshoe Bend. Okay, first I need to say that Lower Antelope Canyon is gorgeous! Like completely out of this world stunning! I had seen many photos from here before visiting, but until you get there you can’t really image just how gorgeous it really is! The process of visiting Lower Antelope Canyon wasn’t my favorite though. You have to book a tour (it’s how they protect the canyon) and you are pretty much shuffled through in large groups. Our guide was pretty cool though and she did let me stop a bunch for photo ops! They do offer professional photographer tours, but since we were only there for a few hours we weren’t able to take advantage of that option. When you arrive, Lower Antelope Canyon looks very unassuming from the outside…

But once you get in BOOM! Color and texture overload big time! I mean, just look at it! It’s unreal!

©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-02 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-03 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-04 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-05 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-06 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-08 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-09 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-010 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-011 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-012 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-013 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-014

©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-015 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-016

We spent about an hour walking through the narrow curves and although I am fairly claustrophobic this didn’t seem to bother me in the least! I was in awe of how gorgeous it was in there and completely amazed that water created these beautiful formations! You walk up and down a couple of ladders throughout and the guides are very adamant about telling you to be on the look out for flash floods and if you saw them run, you needed to to join them, and quickly! It was a clear day for us so no worries there!After climbing out of the canyon we headed back into town for a quick bite before heading to Horsehoe Bend for sunset.

Horsehoe Bend was serene. I loved it there. You hike about a mile or so in to get a glimpse of a horseshoe shaped meander of the Colorado River. Again, tons of people but sitting on the edge of the cliff with Ryan watching the sun go down was something I will never forget.


©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-017a ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-018 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-018a ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-020 ©imagesbykris-antelope-canyon-021

After another amazing day of adventure we were off again! This time to The Grand Canyon for an epic hike, a hike of a lifetime and another view of the Colorado River! The final phase of our Anniversary trip is hitting the blog soon, but in the meantime, enjoy!


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