March 17, 2016

An Irish Wedding Celebration

Mary & Joe Married!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day than with Mary & Joe’s Irish wedding celebration!  Okay first, I need to start this blog post with how funny and adorable Mary is!  I love anyone who can make me laugh and this girl had me in stitches all day! I knew after their farm engagement session these two were going to be a blast to work with and their wedding day did not disappoint in the least! Oh, and seriously, she knows how to throw one heck of  party complete with craft beer, a bagpiper and one of the funnest wedding parties I have ever worked with!  Mary and Joe exchanged vows at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Downtown St. Paul on a beautiful summer day. Their ceremony concluded with a bagpiper meeting them halfway down the aisle which kicked off  a celebration that I will never forget! This day was all about celebrating and I was lucky enough to capture it every step of the way! We made a pit stop in Rice Park for some gorgeous photos, then headed out for a celebratory drink before making our way to their reception at Shamrock Hall. Congrats Joe and Mary! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing day!©imagesbykris-stpaul-irish-wedding-01 ©imagesbykris-stpaul-irish-wedding-02 ©imagesbykris-stpaul-irish-wedding-02b ©imagesbykris-stpaul-irish-wedding-03
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