May 9, 2016

Closing Images by Kris

finding the courage to lose sight of the shore


When I first moved back home from the East Coast and opened Images by Kris I had no idea how opening up a small business would unfold. It turned out to be incredible, beautiful and one of the biggest and most life changing decisions I would make to date. You have given me the unique opportunity to be a part of your love story, your life. Seeing you marry the love of your life, starting a family and watching them grow has been amazing. As Images by Kris grew so did your families and my heart is filled with gratitude for the time you have allowed me to spend with you and the trust you have put in me to capture it all. Let’s face it, some of us are like family and that part makes this hard, really hard. After 10 years of one heck of an incredible journey, I am closing Images by Kris. I truly love photography and it will always be a part of who I am but my heart is calling me to move on to new passions in life that I am excited (and nervous!) about! A beautiful quote by William Faulkner that I read over and over again pretty much says it all: ” You cannot swim for new horizons until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” You guys, I am going to miss you to the moon, but seriously let’s get coffee (or wine!) and stay in touch. Cheers to you all for the beautiful memories we have made along the way and of course, to new beginnings!

from my heart to yours,


I would love to keep you in the loop as to what’s next!  Let’s connect on Instagram and Facebook. Cheers to beautiful memories and new beginnings!

Photographers I love and think you will too!
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  1. Melissa Oholendt

    Love you. You’re amazing. Can’t wait to cheer you on for what’s next1

  2. Melissa Porter

    I’m so grateful for the memories we have made with you over the past 10 years. We will miss you immensely, but look forward to watching your next adventure unfold. I know whatever it is you are going to accomplish it with finesse and beauty!

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