January 29, 2016

Adventure often

Costa Rica here we come!


When Ryan and I first started dating we realized very quickly that seeing the world, meeting new people and soaking in culture was very important to both of us. We promised each other we would adventure as often as possible and make it a priority in our relationship and lives. Life is full of uncertainty and we both believe in  living it to the fullest for as long as we possibly can. Today we are hopping a flight to a warm and sunny paradise to escape the Minnesota winter! Seriously so excited to curl up in a hammock and play in the ocean with my guy that I can barely stand it!  We just booked our flights a few weeks ago which is definitely more last minute than usual for us, and haven’t looked into much since, but that’s the best thing about adventures- they simply happen if you let them! Our only goal for this trip is as much R&R, fruity drinks, plantains and warm salt water breeze that we can possibly handle. Our destination is Playa Avellanas, a tiny beach town that neither one of us has explored before!  Pura Vida Costa Rica! See you in a few hours!


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