September 29, 2014

Falling in love again

pouring my heart out


Yes, it’s true I fell in love, not once, not twice, but three times last year. I know I sound completely crazy, but it is 100% true. All three have shaped me, inspired me and pushed me to become better at life, love and everything in between…

Love #1: My beautiful, silly and loveable nephew was born. Oh my goodness he had my heart from day one. One snuggle with his ridiculously cute squishy newborn face and it was all over for me. It is amazing how much happiness and love one small child can not only bring into their parents life, but into their entire family’s (including his super proud Auntie’s) life. He has changed our family forever. It’s hard to even remember what it was like before his silly squeal of a laugh took over the room. I took many steps back both before and after he was born to spend much needed time with my family. I missed them, a ton. I wanted to capture every little moment with him. Thanks to Briggs I have launched a new part of Images by Kris, live in sessions. These might be my absolute favorite of all things to photograph.

Love #2: My camera and film. Being a photographer I have always loved my camera, but over the years have lost the excitement for it. I decided to take the plunge, pulled out an old Pentax 645 medium format camera, ordered some film and voila! I started shooting things I loved. The realness, the quality and the excitement cannot even be described. I can thank my many extremely talented film shooting photographer friends, who inspire me daily. Thanks to them I said to myself- why did I ever stop? Film is truly archival, artistic and pure in such a rare form you really don’t see a lot of anymore. For me it makes me take a step back and shoot more purposely, with more love and more attention. It has made me fall in love with my camera again. Film I owe you-thank you! YES, you can absolutely add film to any session, contact me for details.

Love #3: Ryan…Let me start by saying I am going to mush slightly (okay actually a lot) He stole my heart from day one. That smile, that laugh, those eyes. I mean seriously? His encouragement, generosity, silliness, acceptance and love has helped me believe in so many things again, including myself. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed and he is a part of my life and plan to remind myself that everyday-not that is’s hard at all ;)

So either now you are thinking I am even more crazy for falling in love 3 times last year (definitely a possibility), or hopefully you now know it’s possible, really anything is. Love…. what a silly, wonderful and amazing thing…

from my heart to yours,


  1. terry blees

    First of all,CONGRATS on your new site! I’m ‘thrilled that everything has come together for you! I have watched over the years and seen an incredible woman gain Courage and confidence while seeking a Dream from her heart. It shows here in your new site just how dedicated and inspired you were to attain and embrace that dream. I’d say with all certainty,that you are holding your future in the palm of your hand. Bless you Kristi,well done!