March 4, 2016

I seriously almost didn’t go

Our first date

dance This week marks the third anniversary of our first date, and I seriously almost didn’t go. If my girlfriend didn’t talk me into it I would have cancelled. In fact I spent the entire day thinking of ways on how I could get out of it. Then I decided to take a leap and go for it because I wanted to go dancing and he had tickets to a hip hop show at First Ave. I am a HUGE music lover and Ryan is THE biggest music nerd I have ever met, maybe on the planet. When he mentioned tickets to First Ave (a place I had always wanted to go but never had that chance) I threw caution to the wind and went for it after much coaxing by my friend. It didn’t even occur to me until we were already half way there that wait- I can’t dance! Like I am seriously terrible! I mean I love it and all but it’s not good, like really not good. Panic started to set in. Then he mentioned a friend of his would be there with his girlfriend- awesome, no pressure! The night ended up being amazing. We had a blast, I danced, his friends were awesome (in fact later on this friend would be the artist who painted our wedding invite and brewed us craft beer for our reception, funny how things work out) and we spent the night laughing and talking and laughing more. Sometimes I think back on that day and wonder what life would be like if I hadn’t gone. So here is some encouragement to get off our butts and go for it! Whatever it may be. All of these silly things we like to store in the back of our minds that hold us back- let’s get rid of them because let’s face it, life is too short to skip any chance to dance.

from my heart to yours,


Photo by the amazing Melissa Oholendt


  1. laura ivanova

    Love this story so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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