April 7, 2016

The moment we realize

Our vows have never meant more


We flip through magazines, search Pinterest for hours on end and thoughtfully select our dream dress, the perfect shoes, delicious cake and most importantly, who will be there by our side when we say I do. We laugh, we cry and we celebrate this amazing day with our new partner, someone who we can no longer imagine a single day without. When the day ends and we wake up from a remarkable day gleaming with joy, we see our partner, the one we chose to spend forever with right by our side. It’s at this moment we realize the hustle of planning our wedding is over. The details have been cleared and the dress that we fantasied about for months is in desperate need of a good cleaning and our feet our killing us from those perfect shoes. It’s at this moment we realize the memories we shared and the vows we made to each other are what is left. They are the reason we did all of this. They are the important stuff, the downright amazing stuff!

This month our vows have been going through my head over and over again. They have never meant more. This guy has never meant more. When we said: “We believe in each other, we believe in us and we can get through anything. I can’t promise that life will be easy or things will be perfect, but perfect is lame. I can promise you that I will love you forever through good and tough times, through life’s challenges…” We really meant it. We had no idea at the time just what life had in store for us, but we still knew we would always have each other. We would always have these vows. This is the good stuff, the real stuff and the downright amazing stuff that makes life beautiful in every single way! So when you wake up the night after your amazing day, a day that you so carefully planned and a day that you will remember for the rest of all time, enjoy this very moment. Enjoy the beauty, the magic of it all.

from my heart to yours,

Photo by the lovely, the funny and the downright amazing Melissa Oholendt

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