February 10, 2016

Sweet Lil’ Lu is turning one

Happy birthday lucca

©imagesbykris-luccaturns1You guys, I seriously can’t believe our sweet little niece is turning 1 today! It seems like time keeps flying by, but it also seems like just yesterday that we were all huddled together outside of the operating room in the wee hours of the morning awaiting her arrival! She is a beautiful spitfire who is sweet, silly (loves to laugh!), and very, ahem VERY determined. We were a little worried how she would do having a rambunctious big brother who had no fear and liked to live life a little on the edge, but it turned out he was ready (more than ready) to be a big brother who is so sweet (most of the time!) and absolutely adores his little sister. I have so many fond memories of Briggs snuggling up to her saying “Lucca, Lucca, Hi Lucca, Hi Lucca” while he just gleamed with joy. One of my all time faves happened on a very early morning while I was at the house watching them for the day. Lucca was just  a few months old and Briggs crawled up the side of her crib to peek his head over and said those words to her over and over and over again. She just smiled the biggest, happiest smile and let out the cutest giggle. That reminds me, I’m pretty sure I sent all of my friends the video. Sorry guys- major proud Auntie moment. How incredibly beautiful for her to wake up to so much love and see his face smiling back at her. These two, I can’t get enough! They make my heart so very happy. Happy birthday sweet Lil’ Lu!!! Your Auntie loves you to the moon!


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