April 5, 2016

To first look, or not…

I selfishly hope you do


Okay lovelies, let’s chat about the most infamous question of all “should we see each other beforehand?” I get asked this question ALL the time and the truth is there is really no right or wrong answer. As long as we plan for it, either way. I wholeheartedly think you should decide what works best for you as a couple. The majority of my couples (about 75%) do a first look, and industry standard is definitely leaning towards seeing each other beforehand, BUT (there is a big but) that doesn’t mean you HAVE too –even though selfishly I sort of hope you do and here is why:

You get more time together:
When you see each other beforehand you get more time together. There is really no way to argue this because you just do. When your first look takes place shortly after you get ready the majority of the rest of your day is spent together. You share more moments with your fiancé, with your families and with your entire wedding party.

You can breathe:
Seeing each other beforehand allows us to play with your wedding day timeline a little more. There tends to be less rushing after the ceremony and more time to enjoy, and yes most importantly, breathe.

You can actually attend cocktail hour. Hooray!
This is a big one! It is rare that a couple finds time in their day to attend their cocktail hour (even if it’s only for part of it) if they don’t see each other beforehand. Many couples want to be with their guests (or wedding party) to toast before dinner. It’s also a great time for the two of you to take a break together before the celebration begins. I always urge my couples to set time in their day for just the two of them even if it’s a few minutes. Your day goes by so quickly and this allows you to soak it in and really enjoy each other.

You get more photos!
This is where the selfish part on my end comes in. I want to photograph you and tell your beautiful story! In fact, I am dying to! I am so pumped on your wedding day to capture it all for you, the more time the better. One of my absolute favorite parts of the day is the special time we carve out away from everyone else allowing the two of you to just be YOU. Trust me when I say these are the photos that will make your heart melt for so many years!

It can be equally as special, if not more:
Many times my couples are torn on what to do. If you are considering a first look, let’s seriously chat about it! We can make it as unique to you as you want. Most couples choose to have their first look away from everyone. We can carefully select the perfect spot and make it private for the two of you. I make a point to give my couples time alone right afterward. Yes, I am photographing you, but it’s so important to really soak in this moment! This may be one of the only times you get alone all day, so it’s great to enjoy every single second.

Your nerves will be in check… well more in check:
Moments leading up to walking down the aisle your nerves can get the best of you. It’s completely normal! This day is one of the most important days of your entire life and to think they won’t seems a little bit silly. Don’t you think? Seeing your partner beforehand and knowing they are on the other side waiting for your beautiful face to walk towards them (a face they have already laughed with and probably cried with) will most likely give you a little extra boost of happy- you got this, right beforehand.

So, there you have it. These are my favorite reasons on why I love first looks. I have yet to have a couple who regretted it and in fact many are SO happy they decided to do it! Still not for you? No worries there! Your day will be amazing regardless of what you decide and I will be there with you every step of the way.

from my heart to yours,

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