December 31, 2016

Wrapping up 2016

and embracing hope

imagesbykris-2016-blogThis post is a tough one. I have no idea where to begin. Mostly because it feels like a mess of words. Looking around the world, our communities and in our circle of friends, this year has been challenging for so many, and we still haven’t quite come up for air. Life most definitely isn’t always about those pretty shiny squares we view in our feed. It is hard, confusing and downright painful sometimes. I have been mostly silent for the past several months and at a complete loss for words, which if you have been following me you know that is definitely not me. Um hello Ms. run on sentence? Seriously, though. It’s been a long time and I have felt disconnected from many of you. Honestly, it’s been lonely. I want to open my heart up to you and let you know that I am HERE and I miss you! To wrap things up a little as we head into 2017, here goes…

This year has brought many challenges and we have endured great loss, sickness and heartache, but also have embraced hope. After closing Images by Kris in the Spring and taking the road trip of a lifetime with our fur kids, I was ready. SO ready. I had big plans, big dreams and big HOPES for my next BIG step, but then, life happened. After months of not feeling well I landed myself in the ER where I was diagnosed with Grade VI Bell’s Palsy. You can google away, trust me I did, but this journey has been long, difficult, scary and definitely not along the lines of how google made it out to be. After what began with weeks of tests there were really no answers for me, and there still aren’t really any. They don’t know what caused this to happen. On the outside I am about 80% healed, but on the inside I am getting worse. The majority of my summer was a complete blur as I focussed on my recovery. I am hopeful I will be able to get rid of the reoccurring symptoms that have made life challenging and have been working closely with my doctors to (hopefully) make a full recovery, but as of now it is something I am continuing to struggle with daily. I have been overwhelmed with Dr. Google advice and people wanting answers, but right now there are none. So yes, my big plans have been put on hold, and when I am asked “What are you doing now?” the answer is healing. That’s it. The grand plans are on the back burner, but I haven’t given up on them and cannot wait to get started again. I know in time I will, and most importantly through this time of uncertainty, I have not given up on hope. This journey has taught me how to slow down more and embrace the most simple things in life and for that, I am grateful.

Sadly, in September, we very unexpectedly and suddenly lost our sweet pup, Jerico. Our hearts have been aching for months as we try to work though the loss of our 2 fur kids this year; we were still heartbroken over our sweet Bear. It is really, really hard. They mean so much, and Jerico was very special. I am going to share more on Jerico down the road, but at the moment my heart isn’t quite ready. I do want to wrap my arms around all of you who have shown our family so much love and support with our fur kids this year. It really means the world to us, and we could never thank you enough! You are our tribe and we love you.

Now onto some very happy and exciting news! We welcomed a new rescue pup, Loki, into our family! He is a kind soul who had quite the rough start to life, but is slowly adjusting. Loki is a Mississippi boy who is thoroughly enjoying our snow and his warm, comfy bed! He is playful, gentle and so smart. I can’t wait to share more on him coming up. I really think you are going to fall in love with him!

I want to thank all of you who are still here with me. Who have followed me, even through months of silence, and who have supported me over the years and especially through this past year. I love you all and hold you so close to my heart. Cheers to all of you for your kindness, compassion and friendship. I’m holding onto these things and hope as 2016 comes to and end as 2017 brings new beginnings. Wishing you all a beautiful New Year and sending you all of my love…

from my heart to yours,

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